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We make up a group of ambitious engineers who majored in mechatronics and electrical engineering. We have always wished to share our passion and experience acquired during our studies and work in the industry.


Our ambition, creativity, and desire to develop new things pushes us to undertake new tasks. All projects we deal with are thoroughly planned out with the customer. Safety and quality is our priority!


We also specialize in CAD and CAE software and custom application.

We have expertise in designing and developing customized machines to accommodate to customer’s particular preferences and expectations.


Our developers are able to create tools that help you to accelerate your core tasks and give more competitive advantage to your business.

Always on pulse

The growth potential for electro-hydraulics is enormous while the path forward is becoming clearer every day. It is the reason why we have started building automated mechatronics systems to our customers.


We call it the New Industrial Revolution. And we are part of it! We help businesses to join the change, create energy saving solutions and make the world a better place.

Who We Are

A Bit About Us

We are able to take part in all processes of product development. Ranging from designing the product through creating a prototype, its testing, to the final product implementation.



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